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To us in the past
When you want to quit your job, don’t overdo it

Do you know that working is a national obligation under the Constitution of Japan?

In other words, working for adults is an unavoidable issue.
Of course, there are some people who cannot work due to circumstances.
This article never intends to deny such a person.

By the way, if you search for the word “work” with the keyword tool, you will find words such as “I want to quit” and “I want to rest”.
It may be that while many people are working, many have negative feelings about their work.

I have also wanted to take a break from work or quit my job in the past.
As a result, I quit that job, but I think I also have the freedom to quit my job, just as the Constitution stipulates freedom in choosing a profession.

However, I think that you may quit and regret it as a result.
So, of course, I think you should be calm when deciding whether to quit your job.

So in what cases would you not regret quitting your job?
It’s a very difficult problem, but I think it’s best to quit your job if you’re in a tight physical and mental situation.
Even in the previous stage, if you have the prospect of changing jobs next time, I think you have the option of quitting.

Recently, the term FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) has become popular.
Personally, I would like to work hard until I have formed a certain amount of assets, and when I have assets, I would like to be able to work at my own pace.

Sometimes I don’t want to work at all.
However, many successful people continue to work, and some say that work is the best entertainment, so I want to continue working in any way.

However, I am not satisfied with the work I am doing now.
Hopefully, I want to change jobs or become independent.
I started blogging as the first step.
I haven’t achieved any results yet, but I would like to continue to achieve some results.

If you want to quit your job now, please give priority to your physical and mental health.
Is there any work that should be continued to the detriment of physical and mental health?
Of course, I think there are people who cannot live without work.
However, there is also a safety net called unemployment insurance and, in some cases, livelihood protection.

I have also received unemployment insurance in the past.
I think there are many ways to live depending on your ingenuity.

Take good care of your physical and mental health !

Thank you !
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