when I was thin and when I was fat

Good evening !
I’m Midnight HELLO.

When I was thin and when I was fat

Today is my past story.
I would like to talk about what I was doing when I was thin and what I was doing when I was fat.

First of all, the story when I was thin.
I was thin in my mid-20s and late 20s, and more recently about two years ago.
The main reason I was thin was because I was engaged in manual labor.

However, the work of moving my body was hungry, so I ate a lot of food.
I didn’t gain weight because I was exercising beyond that.
However, there were times when I was thin even when I was doing non-manual work.
What I was doing at that time was walking and running.

I used to run for less than an hour at the longest, but sometimes I spent about three hours walking when I was off work.

Now let’s talk about what you were doing when you got fat.
When I was in my twenties, I was eating and drinking late, eating snacks frequently, and not exercising too much.

In other words, when I was thin, I exercised a lot of time and didn’t eat much snacks.
It can be said that I was not eating and drinking frequently.

Unfortunately, I’m fat now, but I want to incorporate exercise between work and blogging.
I would like to try a diet by reducing the habit of snacking.