Watch out for suspicious fortune-telling sites

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To us in the past
Watch out for suspicious fortune-telling sites

Do you believe in fortune-telling?
This article does not deny the whole fortune-telling.

However, it is also true that there is a business that takes money by using fortune-telling as a seed.

The trigger was casual.
There is a fortune-telling site that claims free appraisal in smartphone advertisements, and it started when I requested a free appraisal based on interest.
Certainly the first fortune-telling was free.
However, from there, I started receiving frequent emails recommending paid fortune-telling.

If I ignored the solicitation email and unsubscribed the email, it wouldn’t have been a loss at all.
But, I was worried about the continuation of fortune-telling, so I bought the points of the site to request fortune-telling for a fee.

Then, I asked for fortune-telling with the points I purchased, and swallowed the jarring words that came out of the fortune-telling results.
A few months later, I finally realized that those fortune-tellings didn’t affect my life by a millimeter, so I finally left the fortune-telling site.

As a result, I noticed that I spent nearly 500,000 yen on the fortune-telling site.
Fortunately, I didn’t even borrow money because of the fortune-telling site, but there was nothing left.

Everyone should be careful about spending money.

Thank you !
Nice midnight !