Traffic accident ~Human life first~

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Traffic accident ~Human life first~

What to do if you have a car accident?

Today I would like to tell you what to do first when you have a traffic accident.

It’s been over 10 years since I got my driver’s license, and I’ve had a minor property damage accident while driving, only once in the past.

At that time, the wound was just a little rubbing on the car body, so neither this nor the other party was injured, and with the consent of the other party, I did not call an ambulance.

So what I did right after the accident was to park the car in a safe place and call 110.

Then, in about 10 minutes, a police officer who seems to have come from the nearest police box rushed by motorcycle and investigated the accident.

The accident was almost my responsibility, so there was no dispute between the two sides, and the accident investigation was completed in a short time.

At that time, I belonged to the company and was driving while I was working, so I called the person in charge of the company during the police accident investigation and immediately contacted the insurance company with which the company had a contract.

Then, after the police accident investigation was over, I was told to talk with each other’s insurance company, and I and the other party of the accident exchanged contact information, and at that time it was disbanded.

However, if a car accident injured you or the other person, you would have had to call 119 immediately after the accident to call an ambulance.

When I had a traffic accident, I only had to damage the property, so except on the day of the accident, I almost left it to the insurance company with which I had a contract. I think it was necessary to follow up on the outpatient clinic.

Of course, it is important not to cause a traffic accident, but no matter how careful you are, there are accidents caused by the other party.

In the unlikely event of a traffic accident, if an injured person appears first in life, it is necessary to call an ambulance, then report to the police, and then contact the insurance company.

There is also the possibility of a traffic accident from the standpoint of a bicycle or pedestrian as well as a car.

In order to deal calmly in the event of a traffic accident, it may be necessary to have family discussions and, if you are a parent, call your child’s attention.

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