Midnight HELLO

This blog has reached 50 article !

Good evening !
I’m Midnight HELLO.

This blog is the 52nd post today !

Midnight HELLO BLOG reached a total of 50 articles in a post on April 20th.

It’s still a passing point, but as I post blog articles every day, I realize the difficulty of running a blog.
Therefore, I would like to stop posting new articles and take time to improve the site for a while.
The period is undecided, but I would like to cancel new posts after tomorrow.

Of course, I would like to not only focus on improving the site, but also actively rewrite articles.
By doing so, I hope to monetize my blog.

Next, I would like to do my best with the goal of reaching a total of 100 articles.
Please wait for a while until the next article is posted.

Thank you !
Nice midnight !