The utility of books

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To us in the past
Read books if you have time

Do you read books?

In one survey, about half of Japanese adults said they didn’t read a single book a month.
It’s unclear if reading alienation is commonplace in all age groups, as the survey doesn’t give a percentage by age group.
Another international survey found that reading time per week was surveyed in about 30 countries, with Japan having the second shortest reading time from the bottom of the 30 countries.
Unfortunately, I tried to find out how the old Japanese were, but there seemed to be no data.
So I don’t know if the number of Japanese reading books is less than in the past.

Given these circumstances, reading a book seems to be very effective when you want to become an adult and stand out from others to improve your work ability or income.
I think reading a book is effective in promoting self-growth without competing with other people.

However, I don’t think that reading a book will definitely produce results.

After reading, I think it is important how to make effective use of the useful points of the book.
The output for that is essential.
By accelerating the output, the retention of memory is also promoted.

But I don’t know what books will be useful to that person.
Even a novel can be said to be more or less useful in that it develops imagination and language ability.

If you want to get the knowledge quickly, you can read a practical book that contains the knowledge you want to know.
If you want to get a qualification, you should read a reference book about qualifications.
In other words, I think it is necessary to change the book to read depending on the purpose.
I would like to introduce recommended books in this blog soon.

So how do you get into the habit of reading a book?
I think there are many ways to decide when to read a book during the day, or to always carry a book to read in your spare time.
For those who are not good at printing, I think one way is to start with comics.
There are quite a few comic versions of practical books and self-development books now.

I think that specialists who require specialized knowledge and those who want to become such specialists also need to read specialized books.
There are books that explain specialized books easily, so if you want to gain specialized knowledge, but you don’t like specialized books, I recommend reading such commentary books.

People who have a habit of reading are not always successful.
However, the fact that about half of Japanese adults do not read books these days is a survey result, so I think that reading a book can make a difference.

Do you want to work with someone who doesn’t read books or someone who reads books ?

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