The benefits of getting up early

Good evening !
I’m Midnight HELLO.


To us in the past
Let’s get in the habit of getting up as early as possible

Do you make it a habit to get up early ?

Today I would like to tell you about the benefits of getting up early.

  • sleep
  • health
  • time

I will talk one by one.


What time do you sleep and what time do you wake up?
For me, it’s a recent habit to sleep around 23:00 and wake up around 6 o’clock.
Of course, sometimes I get up late on my days off and get up late.

The reason early rising is good for sleep is when you go to bed early to get up early.
If you wake up near sunrise and sleep in the dark, your body’s rhythm will be in order and it will have a positive effect on your sleep.

I think some people wake up late at night because of their work.
I think that’s unavoidable, but if you wake up at midnight, your body clock may go wrong, so it is recommended that you sleep during the night as much as possible.


It’s good for sleeping, but I think some people walk in the morning by getting up early.
Walking after sunrise is said to reset the body clock by releasing hormones in the brain.
By resetting your body clock, you can sleep better at night, which is good for your health.

For those who go to work or school, getting up early gives them more time to commute to work or school.
You can use this time for walking for health, studying, or preparing for work.
Of course, in order to get up early, you need to go to bed early, which does not mean that your total time will increase.
However, by forcing free time in the morning, you can have more time before going to work or school, or you can have time to work on things you can’t usually do.

I also spend a short walk on a sunny morning and spend time writing blog posts.
Of course, in the early morning, it is very unlikely that you will receive an unexpected call, email, or Line.
So it’s a great time to focus on something.

It doesn’t change your life dramatically, but it’s a good idea to get into the habit of getting up early in the sense of making a positive difference.

Thank you !
Nice midnight !