Playing sports

Good evening !
I’m Midnight HELLO.

To us in the past
You should continue playing sports as much as possible

I think there are many people who have played sports in their lives.

From my childhood lessons, I have also experienced sports in physical education at school and sports in club activities from junior high school.

Of course, in addition to competitive sports, running, walking, muscle training, etc. can be said to be sports in a broad sense.
There are various purposes for playing sports.
Some people may want to maintain their health or play sports as a hobby, with the goal of winning a sports competition for club activities.

It is said that playing sports not only helps maintain good health, but also activates the brain.
There is even a book that says, “Exercise is the only way to train your brain.”

Depending on the intensity of exercise, some sports may be difficult for older people, but I think it is better to continue sports as long as you can move.

As for me, in addition to indoor sports, I also do walking, cycling, and muscle training on a regular basis.
In my health checkup, I have had a re-examination in the past, but so far I have not had a lifestyle-related disease.

Of course, in addition to sports habits, eating habits are also an important factor in maintaining good health.

However, sports have the element of being purely enjoyable in addition to maintaining good health.

Among the sports I have experienced in the past, the ones I enjoyed most were skiing and snowboarding, which are typical winter sports.
Recently, I live in an area with little snow, so I haven’t been able to play winter sports, but I would like to experience it again someday.

I also have a dream that one day I want to experience a sport that I have never experienced overseas.

I want you to enjoy the sport of maintaining good health and having fun to the extent possible.

Thank you !
Nice midnight !