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To us in the past
Parents are not absolute

Are you all having a good relationship with your parents?
I think some people have no parents because of their age or circumstances.

When I was a kid, my parents were absolute.
I didn’t consciously believe in what my parents said, but I generally followed what my parents said.

Since I was in junior high school, I have been repulsive to my parents, but I have tried to avoid conflicts as much as possible.

It was about my career after graduating from high school that I took a different path, in great opposition to my parents’ ideas.
Whether the choice is correct or incorrect has not yet been answered.
I want to have a life where I can say that the path I chose was good.

The story goes back to today’s advice.
As a child, the weight of your parent’s existence is so great that you can’t help but see it absolutely.
However, I would like you to think about whether your parents are right.
What is correct here is whether you are looking at your parents objectively and thinking wrongly, and whether you are really thinking about your child and saying things.

Violence is out of the question.
Let’s consult with various counseling institutions.

I have something to say in today’s blog.
It means that parents’ values are not absolute, and if there is a mistake in their words or thoughts, it is better to communicate thoroughly and correct it, or to leave the parent as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, changing others, not just parents, is much more difficult than changing yourself.

So it may be difficult to leave your parents if you are still a minor, but if you are an adult, it is better to leave your parents independently.

In some respects, my parents also objectively misbehaved and thought.
When I became a member of society and separated from my parents,the negative effects disappeared.
It should be noted that wrong actions and thoughts do not mean that they are illegal.

I don’t think my parents’ behaviors and thoughts have changed yet.
I think it’s more useful to spend time improving myself than trying to change it.

Last but not least, I think that even parents who have wrong thoughts and behaviors, no matter how objectively they are, have the benefit of giving birth and raising them.

If you are grateful to your parents, it’s a good idea to take action to express your gratitude while your parents are healthy.

I’m not good at expressing gratitude.
However, I hope to be able to do some kind of filial piety while my parents are fine.

Thank you !
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