Muscle training

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To us in the past
Muscle training~Thorough research before you start~

I think many adults have done muscle training.

From the past to the present, I have also experienced various muscle training from intense muscle training to loose muscle training.
I still have a longing for six packs, but I have never achieved it.

Even when I was a student, when I was training hardest, I was afraid, but the Six Pack was far from it, and I was not satisfied with my muscles.
Maybe it’s a matter of constitution.

But it’s possible that I just didn’t know how to build muscle properly.

Like me, I think there are people who are worried because the results of muscle training are not so good.

There is still no answer as to how to achieve satisfactory results with muscle training, but it may be possible to obtain an answer by conducting thorough research on muscle training and taking action.

What I can say from my experience is that it is difficult to build satisfactory muscles just by increasing the weight muscle training.
For the purpose of simply removing excess fat, weight muscle training may be sufficient.

However, if the purpose is to build muscle and realize a six pack, I think it is necessary to devise ways to train muscle training and meals using equipment.
Currently, I only do loose muscle training, so I still have excess fat.

However, in the near future, I would like to put into practice full-scale training and nutrition for training to prove that muscle training results can be achieved from any age.
To that end, I would like to thoroughly research the muscle training method that actually produces results.

If there are any results, I would like to report on this blog as well.

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