Let’s try

Good evening !
I’m Midnight HELLO.

To us the past
If you’re wondering whether to try or not, let’s try

Which do you regret doing, or regret not doing it?
This is my personal opinion, but I feel that there are more people who regret not doing it after all because they were wondering whether to do it or not.

Considering the reason, if you try something and it fails, you can improve it based on the failure.

However, I was wondering whether to try or not, and I have not taken any action on what I did not try in the end, so I think that there is no specification for improvement.
And even more problematic is that the regrets of not trying are long-lasting.

When it comes to challenges, I think there are work-related challenges, job changes, independence, and other private challenges.

Of course, there are times when it’s not worth the challenge.
In all, I’m not telling you to challenge.
However, I think it’s better to try it than to regret not doing it if you want to try it for a long time and are wondering whether to do it or not.

Recently, I have also intentionally tried new things.
Most of the challenges are minor.
For example, reading a new book, watching a movie I’ve never seen on a video distribution service, or watching an English video on YouTube.

However, I think that the challenge is perfect for self-growth, as new ideas emerge from such accumulation, it leads to the accumulation of knowledge, and it becomes an opportunity to try new things.

Of course, there are times when I regret not trying too much after all.
Especially with regard to romance, I haven’t been fulfilling at all recently, but I regret that I should have had more chances to meet and experience more romance when I was younger.

Why not make it a habit to take on challenges to enrich your life and grow yourself, rather than not to regret it?

Thank you !
Nice midnight !