Learning English

Good evening !
I’m Midnight HELLO.

To us in the past
You should learn English early

I wrote a blog on the theme of life the other day, but I don’t think English is the second most important thing after life.

However, in order to continue this blog in the future, I was thinking of trying an English blog, so I put out this theme early.

It is often said that studying at school is useless in society, but I think English is definitely useful for doing higher level work.

Reading English is useful because the amount of information in English is overwhelmingly large
when searching on the Internet outside of work.

For now, the Japanese page may be enough.

So when should you start studying?

It is generally thought that learning from a child with a younger brain is faster.

However, even after becoming an adult and being driven by necessity, I think that I can remember it depending on my motivation.

My English ability is at the junior high and high school level.

I’m not very good at speaking.
This is because we are not in a situation where speaking ability is required so far.

But one day I have a dream of communicating with people all over the world in English.

That’s not the only dream, but I would like to find time to improve my English.

Thank you !
Nice midnight !