IT skills

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To us in the past
There is no loss in acquiring IT skills

What do you think of when it comes to IT skills ?

Personally, what I can think of with IT skills is IT technology for so-called development, such as manipulating computer languages to develop newapplications.
Not only that, there are IT skills related to infrastructure such as networks, servers, and PCs.
In addition, Microsoft’s technology for operating Word and Excel can be said to be part of IT skills.
In this era, I think there are people who can complete their work with just one smartphone.
I think that one of the IT skills is how to operate a smartphone efficiently.

So what are the IT skills that you can acquire and that are worthwhile?
I think it depends on each person’s way of life.

If you want to be an IT engineer, I think one way is to learn the mainstream computer language these days.
Even if you are an IT engineer, if you want to become an infrastructure engineer such as a network or a server, I think one way is to learn the technology to handle network equipment and servers.

I was also an infrastructure IT engineer for about 10 years.
I will talk about how to acquire IT skills at that time.
In my case, I first became an engineer, and then gradually accumulated knowledge of networks and servers.
Then, I repeated trials and errors at work and gradually improved my level.

The IT company I was working for at that time was very helpful because I had a stance of hiring engineers even if I had no experience.
During my tenure, I also obtained some IT qualifications as proof of IT skills.

Let’s talk about qualifications again, but the work of an IT engineer was very helpful in acquiring IT skills.
However, when it comes to acquiring IT skills without becoming an engineer, I don’t think so.

Except for work skills that require specialized skills, basic PC operation / setting methods, document creation, spreadsheets, presentation material creation methods, etc. can be improved with only the information that appears in the results of searching on the Internet. think.

As for the method of creating a blog site and publishing it on the Internet, the Japanese site alone now has a sufficient amount of information.

I also have a beginner level of web-based IT skills, so online information was useful.
Actually, at the beginning, before creating a blog with WordPress, I used a free blog service called Google Blogger to create a blog.
However, there was almost no access and the cause was not well understood, so I took the risk and created a blog site with WordPress.

Personal computers are still used in many jobs, but in the future they may replace smartphones and new information devices that go beyond smartphones.
However, if you wait for such an era, you may waste your time, so I think it’s worthwhile to hone your skills in handling computers and smartphones now.

For those who want to learn IT skills efficiently, I think one way is to take a course
that can be learned at an information-related vocational school or on the Web.

However, except for deep specialized technology, there are many basic PC and smartphone operations and settings on the Internet, so I think it’s a good idea to learn online for the time being.
But the information on the Internet is a mixture of boulders.
Some of that information is useless.
Experience and information gathering are essential to identify it.
It’s not an easy task, but I would like you to give it a try.

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