If you lose your wallet

Good evening !
I’m Midnight HELLO.

To us in the past
If you lose your wallet, stay calm and take various actions.

Have you ever lost your wallet by dropping it or stealing it?

I have lost my wallet only once in the past.
It was on the train about 10 years ago in the fall.
That day I attended a drinking party at work and took the train on the way home.

Because I was drunk, I fell asleep on the train, and when I noticed and woke up, I came to the end point.
And I realized that I lost my wallet there.

Since I was drunk, I still don’t know if it was stolen when I fell asleep or if I dropped it somewhere.

Anyway, it was after the last train at the end of the train, so I got off at that station.
And first, I entered the police box in front of the station.
I reported that I had lost my wallet.

Before that time, I had heard that the police box would lend money to the person who lost his wallet, so I consulted with the police box police officer that there was no transportation fee to return.
Then, although it was only the train fare from there to my home, I was able to rent it.
I was told, “When you return it, return it to the nearest police box,” so I remember returning the money to the police box near my home at a later date.

The next time I filed a lost property report at the police box, I was asked what was in my lost wallet, so I lost a set of cash cards, credit cards, commuter passes, driver’s licenses, health insurance cards, and money.
I noticed that.
I was also told to notify the police officers of the police box about the suspension of use of each certificate and card.

However, the money I had at that time was about 600 yen for the return transportation, and the mobile phone was in a state where the battery was dead and could not be used.
At that time, the time was around 1 am, so I chose to go home even if I walked.

It takes about 40 minutes by train from the terminal station where I got off to my house, and the distance is 20 to 30 km.
I walked in the direction of my house, relying only on the road signs.
Then, on the way, I rehydrated with the money I borrowed from the police box and arrived at my house in the morning.

Immediately after that, I looked up the phone numbers for bank cash card loss support and credit card loss support on the Internet and called immediately.
Then I asked the credit card support and found that the lost credit card was already used at the convenience store.
When I explained the situation, the convenience store fee used was illegal use, and the credit company compensated for the loss.

Of course, I also stopped using the card.
I checked with support for my bank card and it wasn’t used yet.

Then, we suspended the use of driver’s license and health insurance card, and also suspended the use of train commuter passes.

As a result, the loss I made when I lost my wallet was about 30,000 yen for money, about 15,000 yen for a train commuter pass, and about 3,000 yen for a driver’s license reissue fee.
It was about 50,000 yen in total.

Since the credit card was used immediately, I think there is a high possibility of theft on the train.

Fortunately, the day after I lost my wallet, I had a day off from work, so I had plenty of time to stop using various cards, so it had a minimal impact on my work after the holidays.

However, losing a set of wallets is not only an economic loss, but also a time loss until reissuing various certificates and cards.

No matter how much you act with the consciousness that you will not lose it, I think there will be an unexpected accident.

Therefore, I recommend that you take measures to prevent you from losing your wallet and take measures to minimize the loss when you lose it.

In particular, looking back on the loss of my wallet, I thought that I should have charged my mobile phone frequently and registered the phone number for credit card loss support on my mobile phone just in case.
I still think.

In addition to losing your wallet, you may need to be prepared, but I would like to write it on my blog again.

Please note that it is still unclear if the police box will lend you transportation expenses.

Thank you !
Nice midnight !