About life

Good evening !
I’m Midnight HELLO.

To us in the past
Take good care of your life

As long as you live, even if you have a hard and painful life, chances of
recovery will come around.

Suddenly I chose the heavy theme of life, but the above words are like
my beliefs.

I want this to be told to myself and to be considered by others.

I also had some painful experiences in my life and thought about death.
Still, I chose to live because I believed that if I were alive, I would have a chance
to recover.

In fact, over time, the problems that I thought were painful were being resolved.

Of course, there are still problems that cannot be solved.

Even if the problem cannot be solved, I think we can alleviate the problem and
come to terms with it.

I think it would be great if I could have a life that made me happy to be alive.

I would like to tell myself the importance of life once again.

Thank you !
Nice midnight !